Swatch and Review: Yogurt Series No. 4

It’s always difficult for me to choose nail polish when the weather is dreary, and this has been quite a dark weekend here.  I finally settled yesterday on an untried glitter polish that seemed like it would be a bright and cheerful contrast to the darkness outside.

Born Pretty Store Yogurt Series No. 4 has a blue-green jelly base with a few different colors and sizes of glitter.  There are large silver hexes, smaller copper and purple hexes, and some thin silver bars.  It’s an interesting combination and not one I’ve seen before.

This polish is not terribly difficult to apply, but the glitter does have a tendency to ‘bunch up’ on the nail a little bit, so some care does need to be taken when applying.  The base color is quite translucent, which allows great visibility for the glitter, but it also allows for a VNL.  It’s not terribly noticeable because of all the glitter, but it is definitely there.  The bar glitter does have a tendency to curl as well, which is a real bugaboo for me.  I only applied one coat of top coat, so perhaps this could be lessened were one to apply multiple coats (as you know, something I’m not really willing to do).  The polish dried quickly, but it does have a strong ‘nail polish’ scent, which will be off-putting for those with scent sensitivities.  I used a glitter base, three coats of polish, and my normal top coat for the photos.

Yogurt Series No. 4

Yogurt Series No. 4

Yogurt Series No. 4

Yogurt Series No. 4

Yogurt Series No. 4

This polish is definitely a bright contrast to this weekend’s weather.  It’s not quite my cup of tea, though, so I’ll probably be adding this one to my “find me a new home” pile.

I purchased this polish from Born Pretty Store for around $4.00.  Definitely search online for a coupon code if you intend to purchase from there, because there are lots of 10 percent off your purchase coupons for this store floating around the interwebs.


NOTD: Yogurt Series No. 13

The weather’s a bit fickle today here so I thought some glittery, sparkly nails would be the best way to brighten my day!  For that I chose a nail polish from the Yogurt Series available at Born Pretty store.  This one is # 13 in the color selections.  It is a very light salmon pink base with gobs of pink and gold glitter.  I used three coats in the pictures you see below; I almost stopped at two because of how much glitter this one has in it, but I’m glad I did a third coat because it evened everything out.  I have used base and top coat here as well.

Yogurt Series No. 13Yogurt Series No. 13Yogurt Series No. 13

What do you think of this polish?  Do you like polishes that are chock full of glitter like this one?  I just love an over-the-top, glittery nail.

I purchased this nail polish from this Born Pretty store listing.  There are a few other shades available in addition to this one.  If you are thinking about purchasing from them, do a quick web search for a coupon code.  There are a lot of 10% off your purchase coupons floating around out there for this store.

Thanks for looking!