NOTD: Kelara Lacquers Blue Steel

Today is such a beautiful, sunny day!  And for me, sunny days almost always mean holo nails.  🙂

Today I’m wearing Blue Steel from the Kelara Lacquers Double Rainbow collection.  Blue Steel is a pretty ocean blue color that has a scattered holographic glow in the sun.  The holo in this one is not really visible in the shade, but the shade of blue is so pretty that I don’t mind.  I used three coats of Blue Steel with no base or top coat for the pictures.




What do you think?  Do you like this type of scattered holographic polish?  And please don’t mind my right index finger nubbin.  I am always breaking that one nail!  I don’t know why, exactly, as I’m not even right-handed.  You’d think my left hand would be in more danger. 🙂

I purchased Blue Steel from the Kelara Lacquers online shop for $12.

Nail Art NOTD: Hits Speciallità Guerra dos Sexos in Linha de Frente

My NOTD for today is some simple half-moon nail art using the Hits Speciallità Guerra dos Sexos set in Linha de Frente.  The set consists of a medium gray that dries to a matte finish on one side and an iridescent topcoat on the other that has a slightly pinkish hue with lots of blue shimmer.  I used it the ‘intended’ way, with the blue shimmer as an accent to the gray, but I also tried layering the gray on top of the iridescent shade for an accent.  I also added a rose nail charm since the coloring of it seemed to go so perfectly with this pair!



There were no application issues with this polish.  I purchased this set from Llarowe some time ago, but it doesn’t look like it’s available there anymore.  This could probably be got by special request from one of the brand’s retailers if you’re interested.