GOT Polish Challenge: Hot Pink with Absolute! Neon Nail Color in Fuschia

This post is even later than I intended, and I’m sorry for that.  I didn’t get much time off from work in the past two weeks, so even though I was able to find time to do the hot pink challenge, I wasn’t able to find time to post it.  Until now!  Better late than never.

Last week’s Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge theme was hot pink!  I love pink and I love neons, so this was a fun one for me.  I decided to use a bright pink polish that I hadn’t used in a couple of years, Absolute! Neon Nail Color in Fuschia.

Fuschia is not exactly an accurate description of the color of this polish.  In the bottle it looks more like a bright, cool-toned pink color.  On the nail, however, it actually takes on a much warmer hue, and it really takes on the look of an orange-leaning pink neon.  In the photos you can see that the color in the bottle looks different from the color on the nail.  Some of the photos do make the color on the nail look redder than it does in real life; it really does look orangey-pink IRL.  It really is a bright and fantastic color, and I received lots of compliments on it while I wore it.  Because the color is so bright, I did a half-moon mani when I wore it so it wouldn’t look too garish.  The photos show two coats of Fuschia with my usual base and top coats.

(Please forgive the odd shape of my index finger nail.  I break my nails all the time at work, and rather than cut them down to the tiniest nubs, I’ve been trying to just file down the break in order to hang on to a little more length.  That does result in some odd nails shapes sometimes. :-/)

Absolute! Neon Nail Color in Fuschia

Absolute! Neon Nail Color in Fuschia

! Neon Nail Color in Fuschia

! Neon Nail Color in Fuschia

! Neon Nail Color in Fuschia

What do you think of this mani?  I love the way it turned out, and it was nice to wear bright, fun nails for a few days.

I purchased this polish 3 years ago from the Nicka K online shop for around $1.50 during a sale.  It is still available for purchase there.

Swatch and Review: Glittering Elements Burning Desire

It was a bright, sunny day today, which means I got to try out a new holo!  Yay for me.  I just recently ordered a couple of polishes from an Australian indie brand I hadn’t tried before, Glittering Elements, so I was eager to try one today.  I chose the shade Burning Desire.

Burning Desire is such a beautiful and complex color.  It has a cool-toned medium pink base, and added to that are what appear to be golden and darker pink sparkles.  It also has a tightly scattered holographic flash.  In the sunlight, all of this combines to form a sparkle bomb on my nails.  It really is so gorgeously flashy.

The application for this polish was a dream.  It was the perfect consistency, and it didn’t flood or streak at all.  If applied in thicker coats, it really could be a one-coat polish; most of my nails were fully opaque at one coat (once I realized that it might be possible).  I used two coats for the photos.  I used an aqua base for this mani, and I did not use top coat.

Glittering Elements Burning Desire

Glittering Elements Burning Desire

Glittering Elements Burning Desire

Glittering Elements Burning Desire

Glittering Elements Burning Desire

Isn’t it just gorgeous?  Let me tell you, it looks even better in person.  This is definitely one of my new favorites!

I purchased Burning Desire from the Glittering Elements online shop for around $11.50 USD.

GOT Polish Challenge: Valentine’s with Nicole by OPI Step 2 the Beat of My ♥ and SquareHue High School Crush

This week’s GOT Polish Challenge (details can be found on my previous blog post about the challenge) is Valentine’s nails, appropriately enough.  The challenge for me this week was actually finding the time to sit down and paint my nails for the theme!  The first two times I planned to do this mani something came up and I couldn’t, but I finally was able to get to get it done this afternoon, probably in part because the world has stopped here in New Jersey due to the weather.

I used this week’s theme as an excuse to break out the heart-shaped glitter topper that I purchased a few years ago from the Justin Bieber for Nicole by OPI collection calld Step 2 the Beat of My ♥.  I used it back when I first got it, but it has been sitting in a drawer ever since, so I thought the GOT Polish Challenge was the perfect place to use it again.  Step 2 the Beat of My ♥ is packed full of pink and purple iridescent heart-shaped glitter and small iridescent glitter in a clear base.  I applied it over SquareHue’s High School Crush, which is my go-to light pink creme polish and one of the only light pink cremes I actually like on my skin tone.  High School Crush is from their February 2013 collection, which makes it just old enough to qualify for the challenge.

High School Crush applies easily, especially for a light pink creme, and dries quickly.  It does have a little of the streakiness that plagues polishes of this color, but I find that it evens out at three coats, which is such a rarity for light pink polish.  I have been let down by the application of so many light pinks before, so I really can’t rave about High School Crush enough.  Step 2 the Beat of My ♥ has all of the application problems that plague these ‘shaped’ glitter toppers.  The hearts are practically impossible to get out of the bottle, and the thick Nicole by OPI brush is quite incompatible with applying the heart glitter.  Even when you are able to get hearts onto the brush, half of them get tangled up in it and won’t come off.  You have to really, really want this look to make it work.  I ended up using an orange wood stick to pick the hearts off the brush and put them onto my nails.  This polish is a few years old now, and, at this point, the hearts are starting to deteriorate in the bottle, as well, with the pink and purple shell of coloring coming off the hearts, which the brush also exacerbated by rubbing the outer color off of a couple of the hearts during application.

GOT Polish Valentine's Nails

GOT Polish Valentine's Nails

GOT Polish Valentine's Nails

Were they worth the trouble?  Probably not.  They are definitely appropriate for Valentine’s Day, though, so I’ll enjoy wearing them for the holiday.  After that I’ll probably find a new home for Step 2 the Beat of My ♥.

I believe I purchased Step 2 the Beat of My ♥ from Wal-Mart for around $7.00.  I purchased High School Crush from the SquareHue monthly subscription box which offers three polishes for $19.99 per month, including shipping.

Nail Art NOTD: Valentine’s Nails with Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart

There are so many great Valentine’s collections from polish brands this year, and they have really put me in the mood for girly, pink, heart-covered nails.  I knew I must have a pink and red glitter polish already (all right, I probably have a few), so I looked through my stash and found one that reminded me of Valentine’s Day, Pahlish’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Total Eclipse of the Heart has a light pink jelly base packed with pink shimmer.  Added to this base is small silver holographic and pink glitter, some tiny pink bar glitter, larger silver bar glitter, and large red square glitter.  There’s a lot of glitter going on in this one, so I may have missed something, but those are what jump out at me on the nail.

The application for this one was somewhat tricky, as these glitter bomb polishes can be.  The red square glitters are very difficult to get out of the bottle, and they will be missing from your mani entirely unless you put a lot of effort into getting them out.  I ended up painting two quick coats that had no red glitter, than I went back over with a third coat in which I fished the red glitter out (which took some effort) and dabbed it onto the final look.  The red glitter is really what makes the look of this polish, so the effort was worth it.  I achieved good coverage after three coats, but I probably would have used a fourth if I hadn’t been afraid of covering the red glitter that I had just painstakingly placed on my nails.  The consistency of this polish was on the thin side, although it was not difficult to work with, and it dried quickly.  I used my normal base and top coat with it for the photos.

I decided to add some interest to this mani by doing an accent nail that I modified from a simple tutorial I saw on The Beauty Department’s nail art Pinterest page.  The tutorial used the reinforcement stickers for loose-leaf paper that we all use for half-moon manis to create a chevron mani that has the look of hearts.  It’s super cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart with nail art accent

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart with nail art accent

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart with nail art accent

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart with nail art accent

What do you think of this girly Valentine’s Day mani?  I love it!  I think the accent nail is the cutest.  It is totally reminiscent of hearts on my nails.  I’m sure I’ll use this idea as inspiration again.

I purchased Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart a couple of years ago for $8.00 or $9.00.  This color is no longer available, but Pahlish has other awesome colors available in their online shop.

GOT Polish Challenge: Dots with Avon Mirror Shine Pink Ice

The theme for the Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge (details here) is dots!  I’ve had so much fun going through my polish stash since this challenge started.  In my explorations through my hoard I found an ancient Avon polish that I wanted to take for a spin, so I forced it into this week’s theme.

Avon Mirror Shine in Pink Ice is an extremely light pink chrome finish polish.  The color is about as light as pink can get before it becomes white; I remember being disappointed when I got this one all those ages ago because the color on the label is about 20 times darker than the actual color of the polish.  I’ve kept it all this time, though, because I really don’t have another polish that has this extreme of a chrome finish.

The application of Pink Ice has all the problems that one would expect of a mirror chrome:  it’s streaky and magnifies every nail ridge and flaw.  That being said, it’s the kind of thing that we only notice on our own manicure, and everyone else who sees it thinks it looks amazing.  I was afraid to use a base coat with this one in case it got even streakier (is that a word?), but I did use my standard top coat with it, and it did not dull the finish at all.

I wanted to add dots without spoiling my view of the mirror finish, so I added a simple black dotted accent to each nail using an Art Club striper polish.  It was easy to work with and dried in a hurry, which is all I can ask from a nail art polish.

I used 3 coats of Pink Ice for the photos, and then added dots using the Art Club black striper.  I did not use a base coat for this mani, but I did use top coat.

Avon Pink Ice


Avon Pink Ice


Do you love or hate chrome finish polishes like Pink Ice?  I definitely think this polish is noticeable, and I know its flaws are much more visible to me than to anyone who’s checking out my nails.  All in all I think I like it more now than I used to do.  Still trying to decide if I’ll keep it…

I purchased this polish from Avon many years ago; it is no longer available for purchase at this time.

GOT Polish Challenge: Pink with Courrèges Vernis Éclat Rose (and leftover nail wrap accents)

So this is my first blogging challenge!  I’ve never attempted to do one before, mostly because I kind of bristle at the thought of anything that might turn this blog that I love into ‘work’ or a chore.  I’ve always admired other bloggers who are able to keep up with challenges, though, especially daily ones (mad respect to anyone who can do their nails and write a blog post about them every day for a month; you are a better NPA than I).  But my favorite nail blogger, Debbie Crumpet, posted about her GOT Polish Challenge last week, and I just loved the idea so much that I’m going to give it a go.

GOT stands for Golden Oldie Thursday, and in this challenge participants will be doing manicures with their older polishes every Thursday in 2014.  Each week there is a theme around which everyone will be selecting their polishes and nail art designs.  I’m woefully unskilled where nail art is concerned, but I have tons of old polish, and I’ve been trying to ‘shop my stash’ more lately, so I reckon this is the perfect challenge for me!

The rules are pretty simple, and I’m copying them below from the original blog post about the challenge:

* the polish you use should be at least one year old
* if you haven’t been a polishaholic that long, you can use the oldest polishes you have
* the polish should be previously used, but if you’re stuck, you could free a yearling from Mount Untried (seriously, some of mine are reaching puberty out there)
* you can use more than 1 polish as long as it fits the theme and the rules

And here are the themes for the first few months of 2014.

GOT Polish Challenge Themes

When I was looking through my pinks for today’s theme, I found a polish that I purchased ages ago that has somehow survived the many destashes I’ve done over the years.  The polish is from the brand Courrèges, and the shade is Rose (No. 173).

This polish is a medium rosy pink jelly base with a strong greenish-gold duochrome shimmer.  The green shift in this polish is visible in all lights and angles, and it really adds a bit of intrigue to this otherwise ordinary color.  My love of color, texture, and ~*sparkle*~ are what originally drew me to nail polish, and, when I look at this polish, I can see how it fulfills all of those loves.  I remember that the gold to green to pink shift held such intrigue for me when I found this polish all those years ago, and this color play is one of my favorite things about nail polish.

Despite its age, the application for this polish was relatively easy.  It applied smoothly and did not need any thinner.  It did take a while to dry, which is not at all surprising considering its age.

In keeping with the spirit of the challenge, I used some leftover nail wraps for accent nails with this mani as well.  Although they were not more than a year old, I’ve had them sitting around for months but hadn’t yet incorporated them into a mani.  I thought a challenge in which I was using old polish was the perfect time to haul out some old, leftover nail wraps and use those, too!  The accent nail is the Scratch nail wrap design Vintage Rose.  I liked them so much and received so many compliments on these wraps when I first used them.  Sometimes I just discard the leftover wraps after using them for a mani, but I love the Scratch wraps so much that I’ve been holding on to the leftovers to incorporate into other manis.  Since I opened these a while ago, I knew they weren’t going to last much longer at all, so I’m glad for an excuse to use them before they die.

On to the photos!  I used three coats of Courrèges Vernis Éclat Rose for these photos, along with base and top coat.  I used top coat over the nail wraps as well.

Courrèges Vernis Éclat Rose

Courrèges Vernis Éclat Rose

Courrèges Vernis Éclat Rose

And one in indoor lighting:

Courrèges Vernis Éclat Rose

What do you think of this golden oldie polish?  Can you think of a polish from any of the recent collections that looks like this one?

I’m so excited to participate in this challenge this year and am really hoping I am able to keep up with it!  I can’t wait to see what everyone else posts today and as each week progresses.  One of my favorite nail bloggers, Ruth from The Adorned Claw, is also participating in this challenge, so definitely go check out what she’s done with today’s theme as well!

I purchased this polish many years ago in what seems like another lifetime when I was living in Japan.  It may well be the oldest polish I own (I still kind of can’t believe that I’ve never gotten rid of it in one of the massive destashes I’ve done when moving or just clearing out in the past).  According to the label, I paid ¥900 for this polish.  I purchased the Vintage Rose nail wraps from Scratch’s Kickstarter campaign last year for $25.00 for a set of 3 wraps.  They are currently out of stock on the Scratch online shop, but they may be restocked someday.

Nail Art NOTD: Dotted Line Mani Using SquareHue

After all the glitter polishes I’ve been using lately, my nails were looking a little beat up.  I decided to take a break from glitter for a few days, so I did a quick dotticure using a couple of my SquareHue shades.  For this mani, I used SquareHue high school crush from their February 2013 collection and swahili charm from their September 2013 collection.  High school crush is a light pink creme, and swahili charm is a rich brown creme.  I like pink and brown as a color combination, and I think these two looked good together!  I started by applying three coats of high school crush over base coat.  I then use a dotting tool to make an off-center dotted line down the side of each nail.  It was relatively simple, but looked good and people seemed to like it!  The photos include topcoat as well.

SquareHue high school crush and swahili charm

What do you think of this simple nail design?  I enjoyed wearing it!

SquareHue polishes can be purchased from the company’s subscription service for $19.99 per month in the U.S., including shipping.  More information can be found on their website.

NOTD: Neener Neener Nails Dot.Dot.Dot Over SquareHue Happy

Since this is the last weekend of summer (I’m having an inner tantrum as I write that), I decided to do something summery and fun on my nails today.  I started with two coats of SquareHue Happy, which is a medium pink creme from their May 2013 collection.  Then I added two coats of Neener Neener Nails Dot.Dot.Dot, which is a circle gltter topcoat with blue, magenta, pink, and gold glitter.  I used base and topcoat as well for the photos.

Neener Neener Nails Dot.Dot.Dot

Neener Neener Nails Dot.Dot.Dot

Neener Neener Nails Dot.Dot.Dot

How do you think this turned out?  I quite like it!  Dot.Dot.Dot is my first foray into the ‘circle glitter’ trend, and I think it looks good!

I purchased Neener Neener Nails Dot.Dot.Dot from her Etsy shop.  It looks like it is on sale for $5.75 right now.  I purchased SquareHue Happy from the SquareHue nail polish subscription service.  The subscription is $19.99 per month in the U.S., including shipping.

Here’s hoping you enjoy this last weekend of the summer!

NOTD: Yogurt Series No. 13

The weather’s a bit fickle today here so I thought some glittery, sparkly nails would be the best way to brighten my day!  For that I chose a nail polish from the Yogurt Series available at Born Pretty store.  This one is # 13 in the color selections.  It is a very light salmon pink base with gobs of pink and gold glitter.  I used three coats in the pictures you see below; I almost stopped at two because of how much glitter this one has in it, but I’m glad I did a third coat because it evened everything out.  I have used base and top coat here as well.

Yogurt Series No. 13Yogurt Series No. 13Yogurt Series No. 13

What do you think of this polish?  Do you like polishes that are chock full of glitter like this one?  I just love an over-the-top, glittery nail.

I purchased this nail polish from this Born Pretty store listing.  There are a few other shades available in addition to this one.  If you are thinking about purchasing from them, do a quick web search for a coupon code.  There are a lot of 10% off your purchase coupons floating around out there for this store.

Thanks for looking!