Swatch and Review: Mentality Nail Polish Rascal

It’s a lovely day here, the early September kind that has an edge of fall in the air.  I’m jumping right into autumn’s nail palette today with Mentality Nail Polish’s Rascal.  Rascal is a matte black polish that has a hint of shimmer in the sunlight.  This polish is on the slightly thick side because it is so highly pigmented, but that didn’t affect application or drying time.  I found Rascal easy to apply, and one coat could probably suffice for this polish, though I prefer two.  I used striping tape and a third coat to add some texture and dimension for accent nails.  Like most mattes this one dried very quickly.

Mentality Nail Polish Rascal

I took some pictures of my manicure before adding the accents to show what Rascal looks like at two coats.

Mentality Nail Polish Rascal

Mentality Nail Polish Rascal

Don’t you just love the way the sunlight plays with that hint of shimmer? 🙂

Overall, I’m very impressed with this polish!  I like that Rascal is more forgiving than most mattes and does not show obvious brush strokes.  It also isn’t covered in dings a few minutes after applied like some mattes tend to be.  The color payoff on this one is amazing, too!  It really is such a deep, true black.  This is one of those shades that could be used in so many different nail art ideas.  It could be used as a base for the chalkboard mani that is all the rage right now, for example.

Have you tried Mentality Nail Polish before?  I have several of their polishes and must confess that I’m a big fan of their line.  They have so many unique color options and are very reasonably priced.  You’ll definitely be seeing more of their polishes here in the future.

This polish was provided to me by Mentality Nail Polish and can be purchased at the Mentality Nail Polish store for $7, which includes shipping.  They are currently having a sale, too!  If you use the coupon code MENTALITY at checkout you’ll receive 20% off orders over $30.