Nail Art NOTD: Valentine’s Nails with Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart

There are so many great Valentine’s collections from polish brands this year, and they have really put me in the mood for girly, pink, heart-covered nails.  I knew I must have a pink and red glitter polish already (all right, I probably have a few), so I looked through my stash and found one that reminded me of Valentine’s Day, Pahlish’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Total Eclipse of the Heart has a light pink jelly base packed with pink shimmer.  Added to this base is small silver holographic and pink glitter, some tiny pink bar glitter, larger silver bar glitter, and large red square glitter.  There’s a lot of glitter going on in this one, so I may have missed something, but those are what jump out at me on the nail.

The application for this one was somewhat tricky, as these glitter bomb polishes can be.  The red square glitters are very difficult to get out of the bottle, and they will be missing from your mani entirely unless you put a lot of effort into getting them out.  I ended up painting two quick coats that had no red glitter, than I went back over with a third coat in which I fished the red glitter out (which took some effort) and dabbed it onto the final look.  The red glitter is really what makes the look of this polish, so the effort was worth it.  I achieved good coverage after three coats, but I probably would have used a fourth if I hadn’t been afraid of covering the red glitter that I had just painstakingly placed on my nails.  The consistency of this polish was on the thin side, although it was not difficult to work with, and it dried quickly.  I used my normal base and top coat with it for the photos.

I decided to add some interest to this mani by doing an accent nail that I modified from a simple tutorial I saw on The Beauty Department’s nail art Pinterest page.  The tutorial used the reinforcement stickers for loose-leaf paper that we all use for half-moon manis to create a chevron mani that has the look of hearts.  It’s super cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart with nail art accent

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart with nail art accent

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart with nail art accent

Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart with nail art accent

What do you think of this girly Valentine’s Day mani?  I love it!  I think the accent nail is the cutest.  It is totally reminiscent of hearts on my nails.  I’m sure I’ll use this idea as inspiration again.

I purchased Pahlish Total Eclipse of the Heart a couple of years ago for $8.00 or $9.00.  This color is no longer available, but Pahlish has other awesome colors available in their online shop.

Copycat Nails with Sation Off the Record Pink

Today I took nailspiration from the fabulously talented Jordie of the blog J0rdz Stylish Fingertips.   She recently posted a tutorial on how to do a gel nail look with light pink fading to clear.  I tried out this look myself today, and here are the results!  I used Sation Off the Record Pink and Kleancolor Sugar Coat to create this look, and I tried out the Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Topcoat to top it off.


How do you think it turned out?  It’s not so bad for a first try, but it’s a long way from the greatness of J0rdz’s version!  I’ll have to keep practicing.  There’s a little bit of staining on my ring finger nail that I didn’t realize was there, and it would definitely look better without it.  😉

I used four light coats of Off the Record Pink, and then dabbed a coat of Sugar Coat over the lighter area in the center.  The Sation polish was very easy to apply.  I had more trouble with Sugar Coat, as it took forever to dry.  I might try adding some thinner to it the next time I use it to see if that makes a difference.  The Kensington Caviar topcoat was really great.  I have read mixed reviews of it in the beauty blogosphere, but it dried incredibly quickly and does add that shiny, kind of squishy look of gel polish to the manicure.

I purchased all of the polishes used in this manicure.  The Sation polish retails for $5 on the Sation website.  The Kleancolor polish is $3.49 on the Kleancolor website.  Kensington Caviar topcoat is $10 at Sephora.