GOT Polish Challenge: Coral with Essie Carousel Coral

This week’s Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge theme is coral!  I knew right away which polish I wanted to use for this challenge.  I’ve been using Essie’s Carousel Coral for years and years as a go-to shade for spring and summer.  This is one of the few polish colors that I’ve used entire bottles of and purchased again because the color is one of those “just right” shades.

Carousel Coral is a warm, medium-toned coral shade that has a squishy, almost crelly finish to it.  I used two coats of Carousel Coral for the photos; it is the tiniest bit streaky, but that would likely be evened out with a third coat (I just didn’t have time for it).  I also added accent nails of American Apparel Glitter nail polish in Constellation.  This has a clear base with long silver string glitter that I thought would add some interest to the look.  I used my regular base and top coats for this mani.

Essie Carousel Coral

Essie Carousel Coral

Essie Carousel Coral

Essie Carousel Coral

What do you think of this shade?  Isn’t it just a nice, bright, happy shade for spring?  It’s been a staple color for me for at least a decade.  I just love this one!

I purchased this bottle of Carousel Coral a few years ago at a beauty supply store for $6.00.

I purchased American Apparel Constellation from their online shop for around $6.00.  It looks like they no longer offer this glitter, but they do have several other glitter shades from which to choose.

7 thoughts on “GOT Polish Challenge: Coral with Essie Carousel Coral

  1. Hi! I have been on the hunt for a certain Essie coral color with the tiniest bit of shimmer in it. I came across when getting a pedicure and have tried 3 other Essie corals and still haven’t found that certain shade! Can you tell me, does Carousel Coral have any little bit of shimmer in it or is it a purely flat coral? I would really like to solve this mystery before summer is over!! Thanks! Sarah

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