GOT Polish Challenge: Chevrons with Barielle Baretini and Hits Speciallità Hard Rock

This week’s theme for the Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge (details of the challenge can be found on my original blog post about it) is chevrons.  I was eager to try this theme because I bought some nail vinyls a few weeks ago in chevron patterns, so this was a great excuse to try them out finally.  I decided to try for a delicate look for this mani, so I used two light colors to create the look (one of them is glitter, though, since every mani needs some flash).

I used Barielle Shades in Baretini as the base for this mani.  Baretini is a soft, light pinky peach shade with a touch of pink shimmer.  Baretini is rather sheer, and it could be used as a nude shade on some skin tones.  It takes at least 3 coats to reach opacity with this polish, and I really didn’t have time for that, so I had to settle for two.  Some unevenness to the color is definitely visible, however.

To this base I added chevron accents using Hits Speciallità Hard Rock from their Glitter Forte collection.  Hard Rock is packed full of small silver holographic glitter in a clear base.  The glitter in this one is dense enough that it gives good coverage at one coat, though I prefer to use a second coat when applying this one on its own.  I applied Hard Rock over chevron nail vinyls for the chevron stripes effect, and I also free-hand painted chevron French tips on the other nails.

GOT Polish Challenge Chevrons

GOT Polish Challenge Chevrons

GOT Polish Challenge Chevrons

I think this look has a good combination of femininity and flash.  I do think it would look even better with a third coat of Baretini for the base, but sometimes time can make us compromise with our nail looks, sadly.

I purchased Baretini from the Barielle online shop three years ago for $4.00.  It doesn’t look like this color is available there anymore, but they may have something similar.  I purchased Hits Speciallità Hard Rock through a group buy of Brazilian polishes a few years ago, back when they were impossible to get in the States.  Now the Hits brand can be purchased from a few different online retailers.  I purchased the chevron nail vinyls from the Nail Vinyls online shop for $6.75 for a pack of 300.  It looks like they have doubled in price since I purchased them around 6 weeks ago, which is disappointing.

6 thoughts on “GOT Polish Challenge: Chevrons with Barielle Baretini and Hits Speciallità Hard Rock

    • Thanks, Imo! I do like how it turned out, although I would like it even better if I had time to use a third coat of the base color. But sometimes you just have to do what you can in the time that you have. Hope you’re doing well! xoxo leanna

    • Thank you so much, Kelley! I know what you mean, I can only do very easy nail art. I used nail vinyls to create this look, so it was super easy. Thanks so much for the nomination! I’ll check it out on your blog. 🙂

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