Swatch and Review: butter London All Hail the Queen

I was in the mood for a neutral shade when I was last selecting a polish hue, and I settled on butter London’s All Hail the Queen.  I was lucky in that the sun came out for a little while around the time that I finished painting, so I was able to enjoy the holographic shimmer in this one as well.

All Hail the Queen has a cool-toned, neutral beige base.  This polish is on the deeper end of beige, which makes it a nice choice for winter when it will contrast well with the stark white outdoors.  Added to this base is a sprinkling of scattered holographic sparkle.  In indoor lighting, the shimmer adds a dimension of silver sparkle to the neutral base.  In the sunlight, flashes of color reflect from the shimmer, giving it a subtle holographic look.

The application for this polish was without issue.  It applied easily and was my perfect consistency.  The dry time was a touch longer than some polishes, but nothing terrible.  It is on the sheer side; I used 3 coats for the photos, and the coverage was completely even and opaque at that point.  The staying power of this polish is also fantastic.  I wore this for 3 days without top coat and did not have a single chip or knick in my nails after all that time.  Color me impressed.  I used a base coat and 3 coats of All Hail the Queen for the photos.

butter London All Hail the Queen

butter London All Hail the Queen

butter London All Hail the Queen

butter London All Hail the Queen

Do you like this more subtle, workplace appropriate holo mani?  I really love this color as a beige that doesn’t wash out my skin tone.

I purchased this polish a while ago from the butter London online shop for $9.00 or $10.00.  I only purchase from them when they are having sales, which happens a few times a year.  They are regularly priced at $15.00.

5 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: butter London All Hail the Queen

    • I know what you mean! I naturally gravitate toward bright colors, in part because I think they work well with my fair skin. But this one does have that touch of ‘extra’ that makes me love it. 🙂

    • Glad you like this one, Imo! I love it too, although it was a little weird to look at my hands and not see bright colors for once. It seems like it would be a great one to wear to work. xoxo leanna

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