Swatch and Review: The Devil Wears Polish Gorgeous Garnet

I asked for and received some holo awesomeness from The Devil Wears Polish for Christmas, and I’ve been impatiently waiting for the sun to show its face around here ever since so I could enjoy one in all its bendy rainbow splendor.  Although it was extremely cold here today, the sun was finally out!!!  Almost all day!!!  I had to take advantage.  I chose Gorgeous Garnet.

Gorgeous Garnet has a chrome base that looks like a rosy pinkish-red in some lights and a deeper purple-leaning red in others.  It also has a duochrome orange flash that peaks out and says “Hello!” at certain angles.  As if that’s not enough, added to this uniquely pretty base is linear holographic sparkle.  Gorgeous Garnet gives such a beautifully rich look on the nail, which is perfect for the season.

The application of this polish was great.  The brand recently switched to a thinner base, which I tend to prefer, so I had no issues at all with application.  The polish dried quickly and applied evenly.  Because of the chrome base, I was expecting to see some brush strokes in the final look, but I didn’t notice any, which is an added plus.  I applied 3 coats of Gorgeous Garnet over an aqua base for the photos.  I did not use top coat.

The Devil Wears Polish Gorgeous Garnet

The Devil Wears Polish Gorgeous Garnet

The Devil Wears Polish Gorgeous Garnet

The Devil Wears Polish Gorgeous Garnet

The Devil Wears Polish Gorgeous Garnet

Do you just love it?!  Me, too.  🙂  You can probably tell from the photo overload.  I just couldn’t stop taking pictures; it’s so pretty!  Pretty enough that I’m posting these photos even though my hands look positively ancient in them. 😛

I received this mini polish as a limited edition gift with purchase during the Black Friday sale at The Devil Wears Polish online shop.  I’m not sure whether this one will become available again, but there’s loads of other pretties available there, so go check it out!  I imagine that in about five minutes this brand will become next to impossible to get, so really, grab one (or two or three) while you still can!

11 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: The Devil Wears Polish Gorgeous Garnet

  1. Hi, Leanna, I loved all the polishes that were posted. Thanks so much for your attention to detail in your descriptions. WLF

    • Thanks for commenting!! It is nice to know that someone is reading this thing. 🙂 I’m glad you like the polishes I’ve been posting. I was wondering the other day if you would ever comment on here… Hope you’re doing well! xoxo ♥♥♥

    • The color really is beautiful, isn’t it?! I haven’t seen one quite like it. And thanks for the tag! 🙂 I’ll check out your blog post and see what I’m in for. 😛

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