Swatch and Review: Sea Lore Polish Arctic Otter

We’ve been blanketed with snow here in New Jersey in the past couple of days, so I wanted to choose a nail color that would be appropriately wintry and that would contrast well with the sea of white outside my door.  I chose Sea Lore Polish’s Arctic Otter from their Wintry Friends collection, both because it fit all of those criteria and because the name seemed exceptionally suited to the weather. 🙂

Arctic Otter is a deep brown chrome base with translucent white square glitter, small brown hex glitter, silver micro glitter, and silver shimmer.  (There may be some other glitters or shimmers in there, but those are the most prominent ones that I can see.)  This isn’t a glitter bomb polish that is chock full of glitter; the glitter in Arctic Otter accentuates the deep brown base rather than dominating or covering it.  The silver and translucent glitter both have the visual effect of snow , and against the deep brown it is reminiscent of snow on the back of an animal in the winter, as the name suggests.

The application for this polish was typical for a glitter polish.  I didn’t have trouble with glitter placement on the nail, which can be a real challenge with some glitter polishes, but the glitter did build up on the top of the bottle as I pulled the brush in and out, so I did have to clean it off a few times during application.  Not a big deal, but I like to mention any extra steps I used in case they seem like dealbreakers to someone else.  I applied 3 coats of Arctic Otter for the photos, and I also used ridge filler, base coat, and top coat.

Sea Lore Polish Arctic Otter

Sea Lore Polish Arctic Otter

Sea Lore Polish Arctic Otter

There has been actual sunlight here today (!), and the base color does look slightly warmer in these sunlit photos than it does in the dreary indoors of the rest of a Jersey winter, FYI.

Do you like the look of glitters in a more opaque base, or do you prefer yours glitters to be in a clear base where they are the star of the show?  I like how the smattering of silver glitter in this reminds me of snow flying around when I look at my nails.  I also don’t really have anything else like this polish, which is always a plus for me when choosing polish colors.

I purchased Arctic Otter from Overall Beauty when Kim was having a BOGO sale, so it worked out that this cost me $5.00.  It doesn’t look like it is available there at the moment, but it can be purchased for $10.00 from the Sea Lore Polish online shop.

8 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: Sea Lore Polish Arctic Otter

  1. That is such a pretty polish! I need to get on my goal of trying more indie polishes.
    Ahem. On to your questions about glitter:
    Typically, if I do a glitter polish I like the glitter to be the star, but that’s either because I’m doing a stand-out look or an accent nail. Otherwise, I prefer microglitter so that the color of the polish is the star.

    • Thanks for sharing your ideas about glitter! I had really been feeling “glittered out” with the explosion of ‘kitchen sink’ glitters on the market in the last couple of years, but I’ve just always loved all things sparkly, so I couldn’t stay away for long. 🙂 Your idea of using them as an accent is a good one for keeping yourself from getting too tired of them. Thanks!

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