Swatch and Review: Ethereal Lacquer Lurid

I only discovered Ethereal Lacquer earlier this year, but it didn’t take me long to become a devotee of this brand’s original and beautiful polish creations.  Today I’m wearing Ethereal Lacquer’s Lurid, which is a color-shifting glitter topcoat.

Lurid is packed with shimmer that has a prominent pink to blue color shift.  Floating amidst all this shimmer is some holographic micro-glitter to round out the look.  The effect of this polish is stunning.  The color shift is visible in all types of lighting; there was no sunlight to speak of here today, and I had no trouble seeing the effect.  I love the added touch of the holographic micro-glitter, as the glints of rainbow sparkles add an extra dimension to the polish.  It almost gives one the look of galaxy nails without any of the effort.

The application of this polish could not have been better.  It only took one coat to give the spectacular effect you’ll see in the photos.  It dried extremely quickly as well.  I applied Lurid over two coats of black polish.  (The black polish I used is butter London Union Jack Black, in case you were wondering!)  I also used my usual base and top coats for the photos.

Ethereal Lacquer Lurid

Ethereal Lacquer Lurid

Ethereal Lacquer Lurid

Are you seeing all that shimmer?!  I tried to tilt my index finger in the photos so the color shift would be more apparent, but you really can see it on my other nails, too.  At the base the pink is more prominent, but the blue comes out as your eye moves toward the free edge of my nail.

I purchased this polish from the Ethereal Lacquer online shop as part of a set of 3 polishes for $30.00.  Things tend to sell out relatively quickly, so you’ll have to keep your eye on the shop and jump at the next restock if you’re interested.

6 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: Ethereal Lacquer Lurid

  1. I am really digging the shimmer! It is so beautiful! I have seen that polish in the nail circuit, but have not tried it yet. Would definitely love to try it for sure!

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