Swatch and Review: Pahlish Sleep to Dream

When I saw the Pahlish Winter Collection, I knew I just had to have Sleep to Dream.  (Actually, I felt that way about pretty much all of them, but Sleep to Dream called to me the most).  I just recently got this one and just couldn’t wait to get it on my nails.

Sleep to Dream is such a complex color; the base is a deep burgundy-purple-colored jelly, and this is full of multi-colored shimmer.  As it dances in the light, the shimmer shines in shades of purple, orange, gold, and even a pinky-orange color.  The combination of the dark jelly base and the bursts of bright shimmer really is breathtaking.  The shimmer is not difficult to see, either.  There is practically no light to speak of here today, and the shimmer still looked exquisite in my indoor lighting.  The color of this one remains true to its appearance in the bottle when applied, which is such a rare joy!

This polish applied very easily and dried extremely quickly.  I needed two coats to reach opacity, and it looked good enough after these that I didn’t automatically apply a third coat like I normally would.  Without top coat, the finish is a little dulled, but one coat of top coat brings out the brilliance of all that shimmer.  I used my regular base and top coat for the photos.

Pahlish Sleep to Dream

Pahlish Sleep to Dream

Pahlish Sleep to Dream

Don’t you just love the look of this polish?  I have really been taken by all the great wine-oxblood-burgundy polishes that have been in this fall’s collections, and this is really one of the prettiest I’ve seen.

I purchased this from the Pahlish online shop for $9.00.  I practically never get back-ups for polishes, but I’m definitely considering getting another bottle of this one before it’s gone.



7 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: Pahlish Sleep to Dream

    • It really is beautiful, isn’t it? It seems like wine-colored nails are quite popular this fall, and this is a stunning shade for achieving this look. I have a few other Pahlish shades, too, and I’ve never been disappointed. Thanks so much for looking! ♥♥

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