Swatch and Review: The Devil Wears Polish Tequila Sunrise

It was an unexpectedly beautiful day here; it was sunny and warm, which is quite unusual for mid-November.  I don’t tolerate cold weather well, so I’m quite pleased anytime we are surprised with warm weather.  I took advantage of the sunshine to try out another new holo polish I picked up from a brand that I only learned about earlier this year, The Devil Wears Polish.  I’ve been eyeing her holos ever since, and finally broke down and ordered some a couple of weeks ago.

Today I tried the shade Tequila Sunrise, which has both a duochrome and linear holographic finish.  The duochrome shifts in this one from a light orange chrome finish to a rosey pink chrome.  In some lights it even looks a golden yellow color.  The shift in this is very pronounced and easy to see in all types of lighting.  Added to this beautiful base is a vibrant linear holographic effect.  The holo rainbows in this are visible indoors, too, but they are at their best in direct sunlight, where they dance around spectacularly.  The combination of effects makes for some mesmerizing nails.  Drive with caution while wearing this one.  🙂

The application for this one was a little trickier than most.  It was on the thick side, and, though I didn’t this time, I will likely add a couple drops of thinner to this before I use it next.  The thickness made it a little difficult to cover the nail evenly while applying, but this really didn’t affect the overall look of the polish, which is really the point, right?  🙂  Since the thickness of a polish is really a personal preference, I don’t really fault a brand’s choice in this regard unless it is taken to an absurb level (which is definitely not the case here).  Although a little thick, the polish dried reasonably quickly.  I used three coats for the photos, although one could probably get away with two if in a hurry.  I used an aqua base and did not use top coat for the photos.

The Devil Wears Polish Tequila Sunrise

The Devil Wears Polish Tequila Sunrise

The Devil Wears Polish Tequila Sunrise

Aren’t those rainbows just breathtaking?  I ♥ them.

I took a photo of this in indoor lighting as well, since the duochrome effect is easier to capture inside.

The Devil Wears Polish Tequila Sunrise

Here, you can see both the pink color (on the left side of my nails) and the more orangey color (on the right side).  And you can see here that the holo is still quite visible indoors, too.  This is such an interesting and lovely polish!  You’ll be staring at it all day.

I purchased this polish from The Devil Wears Polish online shop for $6.50 for a mini sized bottle.  I bought a few other minis, too, so I’ll try to review them for you soon!


6 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: The Devil Wears Polish Tequila Sunrise

  1. That is one beautiful holo! I’m really loving the holo/duo chrome look. It is just breathtaking to look at. This one is very neutral, but beautiful! Love this look!

    • It is gorgeous, isn’t it? It seems like holo multichromes are popping up everywhere these days, and now that I have one I see why! Since it looks different in every light, you’ll never get bored. 🙂 So glad you like it!

    • Oh noes! That’s too bad, but maybe one of the European stockists will start carrying them soon? It’s the worst when you see a great polish on a blog then realize you can’t get it in your country. 😥 I feel your pain. 😉

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