Swatch and Review: Dance Legend Malta Collection No. 91

I looked through my polishes today and found an Autumn appropriate green that I purchased earlier this year but never tried, so I used it today.  Dance Legend No. 91 from their Malta Collection is a medium, true green shade that is filled with golden shimmer.  The shimmer looks more copper colored in the bottle, but on the nail it definitely looks golden.

There were no application issues with this polish, and the drying time was normal.  It took two coats to reach opacity, and I used a base and top coat for the photos.  The golden shimmer in this polish is very fine and plentiful; it has the effect of making the base shade appear a bit more like a sage-y green color than it appears in the bottle (partly because the shimmer all settles to the bottom in the bottle, which must be shaken profusely before use).  Since it is so fine, the shimmer is not terribly shiny, but it is quite visible, and the overall effect of the polish is pretty.  I also added a copper-colored stud in the shape of a leaf to this mani for an Autumn-themed accent nail.  Since there was no sunlight to speak of today, the photos were taken indoors in artificial light.

Dance Legend No. 91

Dance Legend No. 91

Dance Legend No. 91

What do you think of this polish?  I really like polishes that have colored shimmer, since it adds dimension and interest.

I purchased this polish from the Dance Legend online shop for $9.00.  Since purchases from this shop ship from Russia, they can take a while to arrive.  When I ordered, my first shipment went through customs in Russia, made it to America, and was then sent back to Russia.  That whole process took several weeks.  Dance Legend has the most awesome customer service, though, and their staff was so helpful to me every time I contacted them.  They re-sent my order, and the second time was the charm and it arrived to me in great shape after a few weeks.  They are a company with great polishes and great people, so I encourage you to check them out!  But do be warned about the delivery time.

I purchased the etched leaf stud from the Bundle Monster online shop.  I purchased it as part of a collection that contained several shapes and sizes of copper-colored studs for $10.99.  Every once in a while Bundle Monster offers a 15 percent off discount code for nail art decorations, so I usually wait to order until they have one of these sales.


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