Swatch and Review: Takko Lacquer Nirvana

Takko Lacquer’s Nirvana is part of their Summer 2013 collection, but it is so difficult to get that I was only able to get my hands on it a few days ago.  Nirvana is a deep teal creme polish with gold flakies.  The flakies are not extremely shiny; rather, they add a subtle touch of interest to this medium teal shade of polish.  It really is a pretty shade that I’ll have to insist is an appropriate color for autumn as well.  🙂

Nirvana was very easy to apply; the Takko Lacquer brush is one of the nicest I’ve used.  It made for an easy three-stroke application with practically no polish bleeding onto my cuticles.  I wish all polish brands used this brush!  I used two coats of Nirvana, although this did leave the slightest VNL, as you may notice in the photos.  Next time I use it, I will probably use a third coat.  I also used base and top coat for the pictures.

Takko Lacquer Nirvana

Takko Lacquer Nirvana

Takko Lacquer Nirvana

Do you like this twist on a teal creme polish?  In the photos you can see that the flakies are definitely noticeable, but not flashy at all.  In the bottle they look like they will be more like gold glitter shards, but on the nail they are much more muted.  I like the way it turned out.

I purchased this polish, although Takko Lacquer is another brand that is incredibly difficult to buy.  When available, Nirvana can be purchased from the Takko Lacquer online shop for $13.00.  Follow their blog for info about their (all too infrequent!) restocks and new collections.


2 thoughts on “Swatch and Review: Takko Lacquer Nirvana

  1. Love this colour: it reminds me of those Greek statuettes that have the teal and brushed gold in them. I must have a look at this brand!

    • What a great analogy! It definitely does have that look. I wish Takko Lacquers were easier to get, but maybe that will change in the coming months. If you pay attention to when the restocks are, you’ll be in good shape. I just never remember them. :/

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