Swatch and Review: NailNation 3000 Should Lanterns Shine?

As you know, sunny days = holo nails for me, so I was excited when I woke up yesterday morning and the sun was shining!  Stop!  Holo time.  I decided to use NailNation 3000’s Should Lanterns Shine? from their Dead Poets Collection.  This one is a shimmery, brown-tinged medium orange shade with linear holographic sparkle.  The orange is somewhat similar to a burnt orange shade IRL, and it is lightened up a bit by the holographic pigment.  The base color also definitely has its own slight shimmer to it that adds shine independent of the holographic effect.  It is a nice orange for fall, I think, and is not too garish for wear in the professional setting.  A conservative, slightly rusty shade of orange.

This polish was a little on the thick side, which seemed to be a result of all the holographic pigment, so I didn’t use a base coat when applying in case that would cause problems.  I used three coats of Should Lanterns Shine? for the pictures, although one could probably get away with two coats in a hurry.  The color looks better to me, and closer to the look of the bottle, with three coats, however.  This one dried quickly and was mostly easy to apply, although the shimmery nature of the base color does make streaking a possibility, so careful application with minimal brush strokes is a must.  No top coat was used for the photos.  (The sun disappeared pretty much at the precise moment that I finished this mani, so I only really got one picture in any real sunlight, which is the first photo.  The two after that were taken in more indirect ‘daylight,’ and you can see that the base color looks slightly different in these different lights.)

NailNation 3000 Should Lanterns Shine?

NailNation 3000 Should Lanterns Shine?

NailNation 3000 Should Lanterns Shine?

What do you think of this one?  Have you tried NailNation 3000 polishes before?  The holo in this one is visible even indoors and in various types of lighting, which is nice since the weather turned gloomy for much of the time that I’ve been wearing it.  I love a big, in your face holo, so that works for me.  🙂

I purchased this polish from the NailNation 3000 online shop during a sale for $9.00 or $10.00 (somewhere around there, don’t remember exactly).  If you love holos, you should definitely check them out; the store is lousy with them.  I bought a couple of other colors during that sale, too, so I’ll swatch those for you soon!

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