Nail Art NOTD: Scratch Harajuku Kawaii Nail Wraps

My weekend mani features some cute and fun nail wraps from the company Scratch.  I’m a big fan of nail wraps because I don’t have any natural artistic talent, so they allow me to wear nail designs that I would never be able to reproduce on my own.  Earlier this year I discovered the company Scratch which makes unique and just generally awesome nail wrap designs, so I just had to try them out.  I always proceed with caution when trying new nail wraps because there are extreme variations in their quality from company to company.  I’m happy to say that Scratch nail wraps are of excellent quality.  I never wear a mani for more than a couple of days, but I have worn Scratch nail wraps for five days and they were literally showing no wear when I took them off.  So obviously I’m a huge fan and highly recommend these wraps to other nail wrap lovers out there.  🙂

The Harajuku Kawaii nail wraps were designed by nail art legend and designer Britney Tokyo as a limited edition collaboration with Scratch.  These bright and colorful wraps feature orange, blue, yellow, and pink stripes and stars, and the wraps also feature cute images of ice cream, unicorns, and hearts.  I used the ice cream images for my manicure.  I also added some rhinestones and pearls that were included with the wraps in my subscription box order (more on that below).

Scratch Harajuku Kawaii

Scratch Harajuku Kawaii

Scratch Harajuku Kawaii

Do you ever wear bright, flashy designs on your nails on the weekend?  My nails are the one thing I turn up when I’m dressing for a fun day out.

Scratch offers a subscription program called the Monthly Mani Box.  Each month a new featured artist designs three limited edition nail wrap sets, and these are included in the box at a slight discount from the normal price.  They also usually include a few nail art studs or rhinestones to use on the wraps as well.  All in all, I think it’s a great deal and I enjoy being a Monthly Mani Box subscriber.  I purchased the Harajuku Kawaii nail wraps as part of my MMB subscription with two other nail wraps sets for $30.00.  They are also available individually for $12.00.

14 thoughts on “Nail Art NOTD: Scratch Harajuku Kawaii Nail Wraps

    • Thank you, Ginger! They really are a fun design, aren’t they? I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my nails the past two days that I’ve been wearing these, too, which has been fun. I love using polish strips for designs like this that I’d never have the time, patience, and skill to reproduce on my own. So glad you like them!

    • Thanks! I love that the company partners with artists and designers to create their nail wraps; the designs are so unique and much more interesting than most of the nail wraps that I see out there that are actual nail polish strips (like these) rather than just stickers for your nails (those never last more than a few minutes for me). I wondered if they shipped internationally; I guess if you ordered a few sets it wouldn’t end up being such a terrible shipping expense. They are flat enough to fit in a letter, I imagine. I could send you a set in the mail (I still have the Shibuya Fresh design, for example) if you want to try them!

      • Oh my gosh, there’s no way I could accept them. Thanks so much for offering though, so nice! I tried to roughly cost it and for a monthly box with postage it’ll be like £23, which isn’t too bad for a wee treat! I might give it a go as they sound really good. Thanks again!

    • Thank you! They are super cute, aren’t they? 🙂 I really like Scratch’s nail wrap designs. They are so much more creative than most of the nail wraps out there. Thanks for looking!

    • I know, right? I must have been hungry when I picked the wraps to use; there were a couple other designs, but I picked all the ones with food on them. 🙂 Thanks so much for looking!

    • They come in packs of 16 nails wraps in various sizes. I’ve tried a few different brands of wraps, and I’m lucky enough that the size and shape of the Scratch wraps are the most well-suited to my natural nail shape. They’re not difficult at all to apply. You just pick the one that is closest to the size an shape of your nail, peel off the backing, line it up, and press it flat onto the nail. Then file or cut off the excess at the end of your nail and cover with top coat! It might take a couple of tries to feel like you’re any good at it, but from the first time I used nail wraps my application looked presentable enough to me and got loads of compliments from everyone else. Most of the time people do think I painted them myself!

    • Thanks! I have no artistic ability, so I love to use nail polish strips for the look of nail art, since that’s about as close as I’ll ever get. 🙂 This brand has the best designs, in my opinion. I just followed your blog, and I’m looking forward to learning more about nail art from you! ❤

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