Nail Art NOTD: Dotted Line Mani Using SquareHue

After all the glitter polishes I’ve been using lately, my nails were looking a little beat up.  I decided to take a break from glitter for a few days, so I did a quick dotticure using a couple of my SquareHue shades.  For this mani, I used SquareHue high school crush from their February 2013 collection and swahili charm from their September 2013 collection.  High school crush is a light pink creme, and swahili charm is a rich brown creme.  I like pink and brown as a color combination, and I think these two looked good together!  I started by applying three coats of high school crush over base coat.  I then use a dotting tool to make an off-center dotted line down the side of each nail.  It was relatively simple, but looked good and people seemed to like it!  The photos include topcoat as well.

SquareHue high school crush and swahili charm

What do you think of this simple nail design?  I enjoyed wearing it!

SquareHue polishes can be purchased from the company’s subscription service for $19.99 per month in the U.S., including shipping.  More information can be found on their website.

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