Swatch and Review: LynBDesigns Quincy

The weather here has been so nice for the past several days that it has been hard to be in Autumn mode when selecting nail polish colors.  As a compromise, I selected a color that seemed appropriate for summer or fall, and I settled on LynBDesigns Quincy.  I thought the mustardy yellow base of Quincy would be appropriate for fall, and its blend of fine blue, pink, green, and yellow glitter (with a shot of square yellow glitter thrown in) would be the shiny, sparkly fun that I associate with warm, sunny weather.

Quincy was quite easy to apply and would have been set at two coats, but I added a third out of compulsiveness rather than necessity.  It dried quickly and the color built up quite nicely.  The color and glitter combination in this one is quite unique; I don’t believe that I’ve seen another polish that looks quite like it.  (Although, if you know of one, let me know in the comments!)  In some ways it has quite a neutral look, and I think it would be possible to wear this polish in professional situations and not have it look too flashy.  As stated above, I used 3 coats of Quincy for the photos, as well as base and topcoat.  The first and third photos are in indoor lighting, and the second is outdoors.

LynBDesigns Quincy

LynBDesigns Quincy

LynBDesigns Quincy

Isn’t it just a cute little polish?!  I feared the yellow might clash with my very pink coloring, but it looked quite nice on me I think.

I purchased Quincy from the LynBDesigns Etsy store during a sale, so I think I got it for around $4.00.  That is another great thing about LynBDesigns:  they have great coupon offers pretty regularly, so keep an eye on her Twitter to stay in the know!


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