Swatch and Review: Hare Polish Electric Flame

Since autumn is here I decided to use one of my untrieds from last fall’s collections, Electric Flame from Hare Polish’s Fall 2012 Illuminated Life Collection.  This polish is a pink-leaning orange jelly polish with iridescent blue hex glitter and what appears to be pink shimmer.  This polish looks so beautiful in the bottle!  Unfortunately it is one of those that does not look quite as good on the nail.  It ends up having a somewhat strange texture on, and it looks a little lumpy on the nail.  It is also very sheer and took four coats for me to get the color payoff I achieved in the photos, which to me still leaves something to be desired.  All that being said, though, it does have a nice blueish glow on the nail which is eye-catching.  The potos use base and top coat as well as four coats of Electric Flame.

Hare Polish Electric Flame

Hare Polish Electric Flame

Hare Polish Electric Flame

The uplighting from the sun in the third picture really shows that VNL, which doesn’t always bother me, but with this one it does.  I usually like pinkish oranges and orangey pinks on me, but this one just did not work with my skin tone.  Perhaps I’d like it a little better on someone else.

I can see some potential for this polish layered over an orange base, so I’m going to hold onto it for now and try it over one of my oranges next time I use it.  If that doesn’t work out, though, I’ll probably get rid of it.  Maybe I’ll stare at the bottle a few more times too; it really does look pretty in there!  🙂

I believe I purchased this polish from the Hare Polish Etsy store for $9.00 or $10.00.  It doesn’t look like this collection is still available there, but the new Fall 2013 collection is available so check it out!


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