Swatch and Review: I Love Nail Polish Mutagen

Were you as excited as I was when I Love Nail Polish first announced their Ultra Chrome collection earlier this year?  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these!  I just love multi-chrome nail polishes (and yes, I say that about practically every kind of nail polish, but I always mean it!).  My pre-order of the collection arrived not too long ago, and I finally tried one of the polishes.  Mutagen is a primarily emerald green-based multi-chrome polish that flashes with shades of blue, gold, purple, and pink.  This one is a real stunner!  I found it easy to apply, and using three thin coats gave me an opaque and deep color.  The finish on this is a chrome-like metallic finish (as you may have guessed from the name of the collection).  I used base and top coat for the photos.  I took pictures in different lighting and at different angles to capture all the colors that are dancing around on my nails right now.  🙂  I was able to capture the color shift in th green from vibrant emerald (second photo) to a lighter leaf green (third photo), and also the gold flash (fourth photo) and the purple and blue shift of this one (fifth photo).  These are only a few of the colors you’ll see in this polish!  It looks a little different each time I look at it.  (Apologies for my dry cuticles in the photos; I had to soak off my previous mani this morning and it really tore up the skin around my nails.  I’ll have to be vigilant about moisturizing in the next few days.) I Love Nail Polish Mutagen I Love Nail Polish Mutagen I Love Nail Polish Mutagen I Love Nail Polish Mutagen I Love Nail Polish Mutagen I can’t tell you how much I have loved looking at my nails in this polish!  There were no application issues; there are some very mild visible brush strokes in the photos above, but these seem inconsequential to me and are definitely nowhere near as bad as one finds with most chrome finish polishes.  Dry time was quick. I purchased Mutagen from the I Love Nail Polish online store for $12.50.  Most of the Ultra Chrome collection is still available there if you are interested!

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