NOTD: Julep Catrina

I started today with a simple mani using Julep’s Catrina from this month’s Cityscape Collection.  Catrina is a bright yellow creme polish that Julep describes as ‘marigold,’ which is an accurate description of this yellow.  I don’t often like yellow nail polishes on me, but I really like this one!  It was a bit streaky when applied, and it took 3 coats before I thought it looked mostly even.  It dried rather quickly, though, so it wasn’t so time-consuming to apply 3 coats of this polish.  I used base coat for the photo, but no top coat.

Julep Catrina

I quite like how this turned out, don’t you?  🙂  Later in the day I added some accent nails to this manicure using a multi-colored shard glitter from Forever 21’s beauty line, Love and Beauty.  I wish I could tell you a name for this polish, but they have this terrible habit of calling many of their polishes the same thing.  I think the label calls it ‘multi-glitter,’ but I know I have at least one other polish from their line with exactly the same ‘name’ on the label.  I don’t really recommend purchasing Love and Beauty polishes unless you see one that is super unique or that you just can’t live without.  I’ve bought a few and they tend to dry out extremely quickly.  Although this one didn’t suffer that fate, it did take a long time to dry (which is also annoying, am I right?).

Julep Catrina

Do you like this type of glitter?  I always call it ‘trashy glitter’ in my head because it looks to me like someone put the glitter factory’s trash in some nail polish and sold it.  🙂

I purchased Catrina as part of the Julep Maven subscription program for $19.99 for a set of 3 nail polishes.  I purchased the glitter polish from Forever 21 for around $2.80.

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